Lonnie Bruhn

STAGE LEFT COMEDY PRESENTS: Lonnie Bruhn – Fri May 19th

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“Bruhn is more than an edgy comic—his openness about his entire life is cathartic and enlightening.”
— The Portland Mercury: Andrew R Tonry

“Portland standup staple Lonnie Bruhn — an extremely funny and unapologetically honest comic who happens to have cerebral palsy–was frankly hilarious. Hawk called it the funniest performance he’d seen on the stage this year.”
— Talk Of The Town: Charlie Bott

In the first 40 minutes of Bruhn’s new hour he talks about the growing movement on censorship from entitled Millennials, their helicopter parents and even other comedians. He unveils the truth about the comedy industry and the new crop of comedians destroying an art form he has passionately loved for the span of 27 years. For the first time he finally shares new stories about why he took a two year break from stand up comedy, his oldest son’s diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. He tackles the truth about mental illness from the perspective of both a son and father, our ageing parents, emotional breakups, depression, anger and grief. As always, He wouldn’t be discussing heavy subject matter if I couldn’t make it funny.

Lonnie Bruhn has appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” Season 9

Here is a clip to give you an idea what to expect”

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