Lonnie Bruhn

STAGE LEFT COMEDY PRESENTS: Lonnie Bruhn – Fri May 19th

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“Bruhn is more than an edgy comic—his openness about his entire life is cathartic and enlightening.” — The Portland Mercury: Andrew R Tonry “Portland standup staple Lonnie Bruhn — an extremely funny and unapologetically honest comic who happens to have cerebral palsy–was frankly hilarious. Hawk called it the funniest performance he’d seen on the stage this year.” — Talk Of …



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VIDEO TEASER: Thai Rivera has been featured on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, & a Comedy Central special, “Comedy Revolution Nothing can endorse a comedian’s performance like the overwhelming demand for him to return. There is no easy way to describe his style of hilarity because he does not play by the rules. Rivera will make you uncomfortable in the …

Comedian Eric Knowles

STAGE LEFT COMEDY PRESENTS: Erik Knowles on March 9th

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Erik’s act is remarkable because his story is remarkable. He chose comedy over a successful career in the defense department, and our road isn’t easy, but it can be when you chose to be happy over a soulless job only bringing you money. He has had his ups and downs for sure but nobody is better at telling us then …

Comedian Debbie Wooten Friday night Dec. 16th


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This stormy weather doesn’t stop the need for a great laugh, in fact, comedy night is exactly what the doctor orders to cure cabin fever. and you do not want to miss tomorrow night’s comedian:   Debbie Wooten has opened for Nationally praised comedians such as Sinbad and the two-time Emmy award winning comedian Louie Anderson. She has also been …

Comedian Floyd J. Phillips Nov 19th

pro comedy w/ Floyd J. Phillips: Nov 19th

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From the words of our host and the producer of all our Stage Left Comedy events, Lonnie Bruhn, (because will not take any credit nor do we endorse or agree with some of his following statements: ” “There is absolutely no short descriptive bio that could describe comedian Floyd J Phillips better than I can. Here is why: I personally …

Pro Comedy with Rob Mailoux

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Rob has appeared on popular podcasts like “Doug Loves Movies” hosted by Doug Benson and ” The Todd Glass Show” In 2012 he was selected amongst thousands to perform at the Montreux. Switzerland comedy festival. CONTENT WARNING! Please be prepared for more sensitive and politically incorrect subject matter. We are all adults and this is, “comedy” not a political rally. …

The Big Launch

WCPub has launched

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It’s finally here! We proudly are able to announce The Wooden chicken’s first ever website and a permanent home on the internet. This is only the beginning because we are just as committed to give our loyal customers the same kind of attention here on the world wide web as we do when you are visiting the bar. To show …

Comedy Night

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